Preserving tradition

The Gasthof Rose has been family-owned for four generations.
For us, preserving tradition also means facing up to the demands of the present day.

The property in the heart of Metzingen was bought by the family’s great-grandfather in 1885. The bakery, which was located in today’s inn, was converted into a restaurant.

In addition to the restaurant, the family also farmed, grew grapes, grew hops and traded in wood. The distillery is still on the farm today, although the distilling rights were sold in 1956.

A meeting place since time immemorial!

Even in the past, many people from Reutlingen and Stuttgart came to the Rose restaurant on Sundays because it was known to serve good wines, some of which were home-grown.

Thanks to the long family tradition, the Rose Inn is still a popular meeting place for long-established Metzingen residents and visitors from outside appreciate the particularly cosy atmosphere.

The change of time!

In 2004, the modern hotel was built on the site of the agricultural buildings. Next door is the Restaurant zur Rose, more information