The Bad Urach waterfall delights every hiker. Due to the many different views and paths that can be walked around the Bad Urach waterfall, many different, fascinating perspectives are created.

The easiest way to reach the Bad Urach waterfall is via the Maisental valley along the Brühlbach stream. There are also parking spaces here if you come by car. A train connection and stop “Maisental” allows you to travel by train. The path along the Brühlbach is relaxing and beautifully greened. The waterfall awaits you at your destination, pouring down from a height of 37 metres.

If you like, you can climb the numerous steps on the side of the waterfall and find another fascinating view at the top.  But a circular walk with many other highlight, beautiful views is also possible and is one of the most popular hiking routes in the area.

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